“Gather's food is a pleasure to eat. Its plates look as good as they taste. They present ingredients in new ways, forcing you to play with them, have fun with them; no bite quite the same as the last. ” Jean Le Boeuf News Press.

    Rise and shine

    11:00AM–3:00PM SAT-SUN

    Lobster Cake Benedict $21

    Poached Eggs /Key Lime Hollandaise/House Potatoes

    Smoked Salmon Tartine $18

    Avocado/Red Onion/Arugula/ Herb Whipped Cream Cheese/Artisan Bread

    Tarpon Point Breakfast $16

    Scrambled Eggs/ Buttermilk Biscuit/ Bacon/ Seasonal Fruit

    Steak and Eggs $28

    Wagyu Skirt Steak / House Fries / Over easy Egg / Chimichurri

    Burrito Bowl $15

    Chorizo/Scrambled Eggs/ Onions/ Jalapeños/Tomatoes/Queso Fresco/ Avocado/ Crema/ House Potatoes

    Huevos Rancheros $13

    Corn Tortillas/ House Salsa/Queso Fresco/Avocado/ House Potatoes/ Over Easy Eggs

    Croque Madame $16

    Ham/ Gruyere/ Mornay/ Sunny Egg/ House Potatoes

    French Toast $13

    Fresh Berries/Chantilly/ Maple Syrup/ Candied Walnuts

    Banana Waffle $14

    Banana Compote / Salted caramel / Candied Walnut / Whipped Cream

    Cinnamon Roll $14

    Creole Cream Cheese

    Chilaquiles $26

    Wagyu Tenderloin / Chips / Over Easy Egg / Salsa Verde Queso Fresco / Crema

    Breakfast Bagel $16

    Everything Bagel / Sausage / Over Hard Egg / New school American Cheese / Potatoes

    Chicken and Waffles $18

    Gruyere/ House Pickles/ Maple Syrup

    Sausage Biscuits & Gravy $16

    House Breakfast Sausage / Buttermilk Biscuit/ Over Easy Eggs


    TUE-SUN 4-10 PM

    Seafood Paella $32 GF

    Calasparra Rice/Shrimp/ Mussels/ Calamari/ Chorizo/ Salsa Verde

    Gather Rice Bowl $28

    Bbq Short Rib/ Sushi Rice/ Bell peppers/ Onion/ Slaw

    Wagyu Filet $62 GF

    Mirliton Gratin/ Wild Mushrooms/ Truffle Butter/ Demi-Glace

    Sous Vide Chicken Breast $32

    Whipped Potatoes/ Broccoli/ Zucchini/ Peas/ Beurre Blanc


    Applewood Bacon/Caramelized Onions/ House Pickles/ Black Garlic Aioli

    Wagyu Skirt Steak $36

    Potato Bravas/ Chimichurri

    Grouper $34

    Campanelle/ Zucchini/ Artichokes /
    Broccolini/ Tomatoes/
    Lemon Beurre Blanc

    Cauliflower Steak $19 VG GF

    Confi Potatoes/ Roasted Onion Cream/ Gremolata

    Pork Chop $38

    Ember Steakhouse Kimchi/ Fried Rice/ Cabbage/ Snow Peas/ Edamame

    Grilled Octopus $29 (GF)

    Marble Potatoes/ Spicy Tomato Aioli/ Andouille/ Bell Peppers


    Gathering Plates

    TUE-SUN 4-10 PM

    Spicy Shrimp $19

    Chorizo/ Cilantro/ Lime/ Seared Bread

    Ahi Tuna Tataki $21

    Edamame/ Seaweed Salad/ Mango/ Ponzu/ Avocado/ Wasabi Aioli

    Mozzarella Stuffed Wagyu Meatballs $14

    Ricotta/ Parmesan/ Roasted Tomato Sauce

    Cauliflower Crust Pizza $18 (GF-V)

    Pesto/ Roasted Tomato/ Pine Nuts/ Goat Cheese/ Truffle Oil

    Warm Pretzel $12 (V)

    Truffle Honeycomb Mustard Dip

    Marta's Famous Beef Empanadas $11

    Spicy Aioli

    Jumbo Lump Crab $18 GF

    Tomatoes/ Avocado/ Mango/ Edamame/ Jalapeno Vinaigrette/ Chips

    Crispy Eggplant $14

    Heirloom Tomato Relish/ Mozzarella/ Pesto

    Charcuterie & Cheese Board $29

    Selection of Imported Meats/Cheese and Acoutrements

    Crispy Brussels Sprouts $14 VG

    Roasted Cashews/Sriracha Miso Glaze

    scratch Pasta

    TUE-SUN 4-10PM

    Blue Crab & Agnolotti $26

    Jumbo Lump Crab/House Stracciatella/ Kale/ Beurre Blanc

    Risotto $18 V GF

    Eggplant/ Lemon/ Parmesan

    Blackened Shrimp $28

    Sweet Potato Gnocchi/ Corn/ Edamame/ Tomatoes/ Citrus Beurre

    Gather Rigatoni $21

    House Hot Sausage/ Mozzarella/ Parmesan Streusel/ Alla Vodka


    TUE-SUN 4-10 PM

    Gather salad $15 GF V

    Greens/ Goat Cheese/ Radish/ Tomatoes/ Cucumber/ Pistachios/ Hause Vinaigrette

    Beet Carpaccio $14 (GF V)

    Arugula/ Pecorino/ Pistachios/ Avocado Green Goddess

    Smoked Salmon $18 (V)

    Everything Stracciatella/ Arugula/ Cherry Tomatoes/ Snap Peas/ Red Onion

    Adds On:

    Gulf Shrimp $12
    Chicken $8
    Ahi Tuna $14
    Grouper $19


    TUE-SUN 4-10 PM

    Toasted Almond Crème Brûlée $14 (GF)

    Chantilly/ candied almonds

    Coconut Opera $14 GF

    Almond Sponge/ Dark Chocolate Ganache/ Buttercream/ Whipped White Chocolate/ Coconut Sorbet.

    Chocolate Covered Banana $14

    Banana mousse/ Salted Caramel/ Biscotti Cramble/ Brûlée Bananas